My music. Real talk.

2015-08-29 08:19:31 by Willphonse

It's shit. No big suprise. 
My theory is that if I upload this crap, I can have someone comment on it and say "This is shit, but heres what you can do to make it better" 

So yeah. Vote it or whatever, feel free to leave any critisism, I don't mind/care what you put. Anything helps. Was it loud? Was it shit? What was wrong with them? 

Thanks <3 

Since I've been here little over a week now, I thought I'd publish a "mission statement" like thing.
Basically, I want to create a catalogue of music people can listen to and choose what they liked best.

I am working on new things if anyone is interested, but I cant say I have anything right off the bat. I am, however, working on new game tracks and hopefully this game wont fall through again!

Hope I have some tunes for you guys soon!